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A little injection of reality,

All decent spec commercial development is marginal between 8-10 storeys
All decent spec commercial development produces at a negative value above 11 storeys
This is assuming rental values of 450-520 euro per square metre.

It is pure speculation to assume that any developer would have developed tall buildings in the IFSC of any better design quality than what they actually built.

Dunloe did secure a virtually unopposed planning permission for an O’Muire Smyth design of 32 floors of offices, it would really have set an outstanding precedent and that particular developer was prepared to lose money on a feature tower to attract the necessary interest in the rest of his proposed scheme which was 6-8 storeys. Despite everyones blessing it was never built and the permission has lapsed.

What Frank McDonald did object to was Spencer Dock and in fairness to the Treasury team what will actually be built is a million times better than the legoland cad design that was originally proposed. Although it is a great pity that Kevin Roches conference centre was never built.

For those who complain wait for Spencer Dock to be completed and watch the developments that follow, no-one will recognise the place in 10 years time.

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