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@GregF wrote:

Here we go, blood boiling, but I have to say that the DDDA have created a woeful concoction that is the new Dublin Docklands . Peter Coyne and the rest of the suits in the DDDA are developing the most banal assortment of modern city buildings. Check out Custom House Square and the surrounding acres of mediocre office buildings, or are the appartments?, ….coz they look so lifeless. And that 3 stoey limit in height or whatever it is just adds to the forgetfulness of the whole place. Check out the southside quay too, what a non event, the only stand-outish building is the yoke with the pyramid roofs that was recently finished following a plan from a 1980’s/1990’s design. Typically Irish, so pathetic……I’d sack the lot in the DDDA, they are doing far more damage in the long run!

I think you are all being too tough on the planners here as they can only approve or reject what is actually submitted. My guess is that the planners tried to enforce higher design standards and no developers bought in when the sites went on the market in 2000 by late 2002 the planners backed down. It is dissapointing but I don’t blame the planners the blame to me should be given to the bigger firms who took money to draw up the plans

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