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J. Seerski

I tend to agree with the general sentiments of above. As a residident and worker in the IFSC I am puzzeled as to the low rise nature of the district. It was an immense missed opportunity.
One remarkable fact is that, at seven storeys, the 1950s Busaras is still taller than any of the buildings built in the IFSC. The IFSC does lack the gravitas that hig-rise would afford the area. But all is not lost….

Take the Jurys Inn Carpark in the IFSC – It was horrendous and nothing mmuch besides. But as the scarcity of space has driven up the price of land and hence the site became extremely valuable- hence the building of two floors of offices above the multi-storey car-park. Now the building stands at seven storeys. Aside from the AIB centre, Bank of Ireland and the IFSC House, the other blocks in the centre are spectacular only for their banality.

I predict that within 10 years many will be demolished and replaced with much higher densities. The NCB, Statoil and Exchange buildings have to be the worst. They feel like the worst offerings of business parks. Hopefully the new extension of the IFSC will be much better.

As for FMcD, he deserves some credit – what he opposed – if I interpreted him correctly – was the building of poor-quality high-rises as were proposed in the original Spencer Dock plan. Though it seems planners exchanged poor quality high-rise for poor-quality low-rise. In fact, FMcD criticised the IFSC extension – Citibank – for its blandness.

The area would not be missed if it was levelled in the morning. It has regenerated the city north-docks, but this is more akin to a visiting circus: its effects are short-term and a tent will only last as long as the crowds still come (in this case the international banks seekeing tax breaks).

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