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There very well could have been some unwritten rule of thumb applied to a similar effect.

I distinctly remember an interview with a DDDA representative where “sympathy with the tranditional low rise nature of Dublin” was stated to be a guiding principle. Admittedly this has changed and back in the mid-90s it was heretical to suggest that tall buildings be allowed in Dublin so this principle was probably in tune with the times.

But as far as I’m concerned massive damage has already been done. Even if future development to the east of the IFSC is better, it will be cut off from the O’Connell street area by a soulless business park/apartment complex.

My fascination is not with height itself but with density. Dublin is already a sprawling low density conurbation and it needs a counterweight in the centre before most of Leinster is covered in motorways and semi-detached housing estates. The population of Dublin has risen dramatically in the last ten years but most of the growth has occurred around the fringes; growth has been modest between the canals. Soon all the brownfield central development opportunities will be used up and then that’s it as far as population growth between the canals is concerned. Practically all further population growth will be accomodated on green field sites in the periphery and further afield in Kildare, Meath and Wicklow, etc. I’ve stayed in such suburban wastelands in the US and it’s not a future I want for Dublin. The docklands represent a one shot deal to correct the centre of gravity in Dublin and as far as I’m concerned they’ve blown it.

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