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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

Hmmm from the depths of my mind… wasn’t there some clause that in the docklands area, anything under 6 stories could have an excellerated planning process

There very well could have been some unwritten rule of thumb applied to a similar effect. The current setup to qualify for section 25 planning adjudication is simple enough a minimum of 40% of Residential & 40% of offices and 20% either retail/Leisure or an additional 20% Office or residential.

Failure to comply with the Section 25 mixed use rules leave developers in a postition of needing to apply to DCC as though their site was not within the docklands area. Which is a slower process as decisions are slower and there is also a third party right of appeal which doesn’t exist in Section 25 applications. There are buildings virtually up that only submitted planning applications 15 months ago, outside section 25 this would probably take 2 years thus saving developers a good million per site or so.

Most sites are too small to acommodate more than one use at scale, thus developers are taking the easy option and deciding to go for fast returns which in return is keeping densities and heights down. Away from some peoples facination with height, the quality really does need to be raised, a lot of the latest stuff going down there should be better considering some of the practices that are capable of much better work.

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