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I’m a little uncomfortable with the subject of this thread; since when did architects have “power”? Dictators have “power”, architects have respect, maybe, but power?
The issue here is an undermining of the profession, and ignorance of the value of the service, the idea that it is a luxury and something dispensable. Talking in terms of power is not really helping the public perception of the profession, it plays into the image of the egotist, the self-indulgent artist, rather than the craftsman and “master builder”.

On a seperate but relevant note:
“I’ll try and get under that bridge…
Architects in most cases cannot compete with market forces except in niche projects with hard data. I blame the devil and the detail architects could also cause the destruction of Dublin repetition is prophet… I know I sure as hell couldn’t afford an architect and that is the freedom of the society we live in… Architecture is a risky profession are the risks worth the rewards? It all goes back to the master builder and split from there… gravy”

There is not a single gramatically correct sentance in that paragraph (this is not meant to be a personal attack, it is just a convenient example) missarchi, are you an architect and if so how do you communicate with clients? Do they know what you are talking about? I don’t.

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