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I’m new to this thread so apologies if this has been brought up before – I’ve done as thorough a search as I could before posting, but can’t find any reference here or elsewhere to the demolition of the terraced cottages in Annaville Avenue [Road?] off Newtownpark Ave near Blackrock in Co. Dublin to make way for some dubious road development.
This little area is the remant of what used to be an independent village, with its own shops, post office, pubs [one of which is now replaced by a thatched horror housing a TGIF etc.]. I grew up around there, and returned recently to find some of the houses boarded up already and was horrified to learn of their likely fate.
Somebody, some heritage or preservation group MUST have rallied to their defence by now – could anybody point me to any posts on this site that I’ve missed, or any other action being taken re Annaville?

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