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Any images KB2?

Agree Chris and it looks like Galway is far from alone:

Parasite threat to Ireland’s water supply
Thursday, 26 April 2007 17:32
One fifth of the country’s drinking water supplies are at ‘high risk’ or ‘very high risk’ of contamination from Cryptosporidium.

Figures obtained by the RTÉ Radio Investigative Unit show that in 2005 the bug, which has contaminated Galway’s water supply, threatened over a fifth of the country’s drinking water.

With the exception of the town of Ennis, Co Clare’s water is at least risk of contamination.

AdvertisementNeighbouring Galway, however, is exposed to the greatest risk of cryptosporidiosis and not just at the Terryland plant in Galway city, 19 other drinking water extraction points in the county were judged to be at ‘very high risk’.

Co Waterford and Co Cork scored very well. Individual water sources in Longford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Donegal, Leitrim, north Tipperary and Roscommon were found to be at very high risk.

In total, 75 drinking water extraction points around the country were assessed as being at high or very high risk of contamination from the potentially fatal bug.

The assessment, however, is not complete as 14 county or city councils would appear not to have conducted risk assessments.

Or in the case of the Minister for Environment’s own constituency of Wicklow, the risk assessment has been conducted but the figures were not passed on to the EPA.

Were figures from the remaining 41% of water supplies not assessed to be added, the real figure may be much higher than 20%.

From tomorrow the EPA has the power to compel local authorities to conduct these risk assessments.

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