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@A-ha wrote:

I was thinking the other day about the sale of Roches to Debenhams. I was wondering does anybody know will the supermarkets in Roches that are currently run by SuperValu be affected? Will they carry on as usual or are we to expect them to be taken over by another supermarket. I remember alot of talk a few years ago when Roches wanted to leave the food retailing sector. M&S took over some, SuperValu took over others, but word was that both Sainsburys and Superquinn were in the bid for them. What will happen to the existing stores and when can we expect Roches to close down in Cork?

A lot of people are worried about the Toilet scenario now. Face it, everyone that is in Cork goes for a piss in Roches. Noone uses the Tesco ones on Paul Street cos you have to pay. The public ones next to the Lee are too scary to go in.

So whats going to happen when the Roches ones get closed? Theres gonna be a lot of people wetting themselves.

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