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kite wrote:
🙁 Apologies for going off topic but the loss of Roches Stores started me thinking what was lost to Cork over the years, and what replaced same.
My top five would be]

You forgot one of the great emporia and craft centres of Cork: William Egan and Sons, Jewellers and Gldsmiths, Patrick’s Street. The custom made display cases all disappeared when it closed. Recently, I thought I noticed three if not four of them in the foyer of Christie’s Hotel in Blarney. A rag shop now occupies the site.

I will add to this:

James Mangan, Watchmaker, 3 Patrick’s St.. All that remained of this business up to lately was the large pillar clock that stood outside of the shop. I am not sure if it survived the last attack on the street scape by the Corporation.

F. Guy’s Photographic studies, book printers and stationers, used to be at 70 Patrick’s St.. Surely everyone in the city and county at one time had their photos taken by this company.

Perry’s ironmongers at 89 Patrick’s Street.

Cox’s piano emporium at 112 Patrick’s St.

Cash and Co. still extant but trading under Brown Thomas.

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