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thats a disgrace! they seem to be really worried about the lack of short break tourism in the city alright ! They go and turn one of the most central prime units on the main shooping street in the city into a bank? …….this was a good example of a prime unit and was lying vacent for months and still not taking over, can anyone explain this? Everyone has there own opinion but I just cant come to an answer , theres plenty of perfect units around that are just simply not been taking over and i dont see this happening in other cities like dub, lim or galway!? take lapps quay,lavits quay, camden quay,gearges quay,hickeys on maylor st and evan mahon point? :confused:

First of all, I don’t agree with CCC that an extension to an already existing bank on St.Patrick Street is a proper planning decision. It is against the thrust of the City’s development plan and reduces the City’s ability to compete with out of town development.
The reason why this spot was vacant for so long was simple due to the time needed to put this application together and get it sorted. The vast majority of vacant spaces on St.Patrick Street are also vacant because they are components of much larger retail developments in the pipeline. For example, the units to the west of Burger King are parts of the fledgling Capitol Cinema Development and the units near Academy Street are in waiting for a positive decision by planners on OCP plans for the block.
Indeed, in my view, things are going to get worse in St. Patrick’s Street – Grand Parade before they get better. You’ve got:
1. Dunnes Stores redevelopment (one entire city block, planning granted, work to begin before the end of the year)
2. Academy Street Development (Almost two more city blocks]Well done it is good to see that your persistance has paid off and it was well directed those buildings are as good an example of their type in the Country.


It is surprising to see a bank take such a high cost pitch[/QUOTE]
I may have over emphasised my role in this 🙂

I passed South Mall/Parnell place late last week. Work is underway at the Corbett Brother’s site at 17, 18 Parnell place and Beasly St. With listed facades to the Parnell place side, the demolition work looked a bit brutal for my liking…part of one of the facades is now missing!

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