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On a seperate note – a few posts back I mentioned the use of boardwalks on the quays in Cork – like in Dublin – would be good. Yesterday in Dublin I was walking up town from work and I took the boardwalk route (usually go a different way), it was an experience to say the least! I had to walk past a few groups of people who were eh… a bit intimidating! I was thinking this is majorly dodge! Then on the news this morning, and also on, there was a report that the Gardai are cracking down on anti-social behaviour and drug dealing on the Dublin boardwalks! Supposedly over the past few months they have gone down hill big time! Meant to be used to regenerate the city centre and for tourists but that hasn’t gone to plan! Just thought I’d bring it up! 😮

😮 Had the “pleasure” of walking the boardwalk in Dublin last June in the company of a 6’6″ member of the Gardai. It was not an experience i would care to repeat with or without his company.
Until the bleeding hearts brigade are sorted and these “ladies and gents are fed to the fish in the liffey, or locked up Irish cities will never have the luxury of being truly European.

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