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Celebrated and Controversial Architect Will Alsop to Speak in Cork
“Creating buildings and spaces that continue to give pleasure in the future is one of our responsibilities [as architects].” Will Alsop

Avant garde architect Will Alsop, whose distinctive and controversial buildings provoke opposing reactions from critics, his fellow architects and the general public, is sure to trigger vigorous debate when he speaks in Cork this autumn. The British architect will explore the process of architecture as an act of change in his lecture as part of the Creating a Cultural City Lecture Series in Millennium Hall, Cork on Tuesday 17 October 2006 at 7pm.

Presented by the Cork City Council Arts Office, the Creating a Cultural City Lecture Series seeks to encourage an investigation into the role of culture in cities and the creative capacity of urban spaces. Established in 2004, the series has already hosted an impressive array of speakers to date including Charles Landry, Constantin Chiriac, Franco Bianchini and Professor Sir Peter Hall and continued earlier this year with independent arts producer and co-founder of the London International Festival of Theatre (Lift), Lucy Neal. It is hoped that the lectures series will engage cultural practitioners; the wider cultural community; urban planners; business, civic and political leaders and the general public in debating the role and potential of creativity in our cities.

Will Alsop is one of the most prominent UK architects. His practice is an international operation guided by the principle that architecture is both a vehicle and symbol of social change and renewal. The philosophy extends from the design of individual buildings to embrace broader principles of urbanism and city development. Alsop follows a parallel path as an artist, feeling that it is a discipline inseparable from architecture. He was a tutor of sculpture at Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London, for several years, has held many other academic posts, and actively promotes the artistic contribution to the built environment.

The lecture by Will Alsop is the first of two lectures in October presented by the Cork City Council Arts Office with support from the Arts Council of Ireland. Details of the second lecture will be announced in the coming weeks. Admission to the lectures is free.

Further information is available from The Arts Office, Cork City Council on 021 492 4298 or via email at

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