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Thanks for the idea of taking pictures from the top of carparks. I didn’t think of that and I’ve been wanting to see the eglinton street site properly for a while. I did feel like a gimp going up to the 5th floor just to take pictures of a hole in the ground, I didn’t get any stares though 😀
I was actually on my way to the bus station since I went to Killarney last night. The bus was full though so I had to wait an hour for the next one, what better way to spend a free hour than to take a few photos (well not quite an hour since I had to buy myself some food, etc)

From the top of the city hall:

The eglinton street site, just a hole right now. The hole where the tower’s supposed to go is 2 times as deep as the rest though.

I keep forgetting what this building is called. The picture I took of this a few weeks ago was from the good side, this is the part I don’t like.

The city hall extension from some not so usual angles:

From the paul street carpark:

I didn’t have any time to get proper photos of 21 lavitts quay but I did my best 😀

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