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Someone sugggested getting some sort of an open air market going in Fitzgerald Park. I’d prefer somthing closer to the cith center. With the new Grand Parade there’l be a big pedestrian area to the east side of the street. You could put two rows of stalls facing each other down the lenght of it. You could also possibly put a canopy over the area between them also to protect people against the irish weather.

Visitor attractions:

::Some plazas in the new docklands would be very nice indeed for performing arts and all that stuff. If a new theater was built there and perhaps a comtempoary art gallery that would be great, especially if the gallery was really striking and got some paintings by some well known artists in it.

:: A maritime musuem. Obvious given the cities location. It would be great if there was a few ships lined up along the quayside like the Jeanie Johnson and the Asgard.

::An observation tower. Cork dosn’t really have any vantage points. And theres plenty to be seen if you’ve ever looked down on the city from lofty Montenotte or culturally not-very-lofty Gurranabraher. There are a few solutions to this.
1. Build a new, striking tower somewhere. Where, I’m not sure. It would want to be close to the city centre but not intrude on the low character of the city centre. I’m thinking somewhere near the bus station. It could also create a new landmark for the city. Twas done in london with the London Eye Observation Wheel
2. Build a land based observation place on the northside hillside. It would be cheaper but would however, give a lesser view.
3. Moor a balloon somewhere. I’ve been on the one in Parc Andre Citroen in Paris. It was great fun and gave a great view. There was plans to do this in Dublins Temple bar but I’m not sure where this got
4. Use Eglington street tower or some possibly upcoming docklands tower. I’m not sure if Eglington street could be used as it is a residential toweran the occupants may not like this. If there are other towers to be built..who knows? The County hall already functions as an observatory of sort. It has leased the top flooor to a catering company for parties and the likes.
5. Build a replica Eifell Tower a few feet shorter than the original and call it ‘The worlds tallest model of the Eifell Tower’. Two attractions for the price of one!

What would be equally silly would be to rename the city Leprechaun City and thus fill the place with naieve but hopefull and wealthy Americans. Hire a few midgets and we’ll be raking in the cash. With rakes.

I need less alcohol.

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