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I always thought that a Botanical garden would do very well in Cork. Apparently the Royal Cork Institution did set up a Botanical Gardens in Cork in 1803 but they were closed some years later due to lack of….. get this….. GOVERNMENT FUNDING. Wouldn’t ya know, like!?!?!? Fota could be marketed abit more and incorporating the railway to get you there would be a good idea. The train to Cobh is very scenic and the best part of a day could be spent in Fota, not to mention the Queenstown heritage centre. Getting a few better plays to come to the Everyman Palace wouldn’t hurt either and it might start to attract alot more people from the rest of Ireland to come to Cork for week end breaks. And with weather like this, I’m sure the beaches around Youghal would be very attractive too. Re: The Population Charts, it’s obvious that those boundaries need to be sorted out. Those numbers give false impressions about the population of Cork.

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