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😮 Following on the vote taken last year to ban residential units over 3 stories, proposed by FF’s Cllr. David McCarthy (passed by two thirds of councilors but never implemented by city manager, Mr. Joe Gavin) another proposal in the same vein is to be voted on tonight, a motion by Cllr. Mary Shields FF is to call for a blanket ban on units over 3 stories in Cork.
“Fianna Fail the developers friend”…not in Cork city it would seem?

Hahahahah, you can only laugh. This is a joke right? Some people are so ignorant, so conservative, so old-fashioned it amazes me. This is such a generalisation, just like the generalisation of speed limits, in being non case-specific resulting in excrusiatingly and exceedingly slow speeds on wide safe roads!
This is so lame.

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