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A road east from Grange Cross would destroy what is left of Douglas Woods and would serve little practical purpose anyway, It might keep a bit of Grange-Rochestown traffic out of the village. Besides, the proposal for a junction onto the South Link would render this pointless. A better option might be to upgrade the existing road that runs from the N28 to Donnybrook (currently a boreen) and to extend it towards Pinecroft.

A proper interchange on the South Ring west of the current ones would be desirable, but it should be tied to the closure of the existing interchanges. Then an ordinary road could be run from the existing roundabout on the South Douglas Road to this interchange and on to Grange. The roundabout might need to be replaced with traffic lights because of the volumes at it.

I can’t see the benefit of making Douglas West one-way. Also, I can’t see how you would get a bus to the Daily’s shop area without using it. Considering the 6 and 7 pass down this way, it must be taken into account.

I remember saying this a number of years back, but before engaging in mass road building, there are a few remedial measures that could make a big difference on the current roads. Ban street parking in Douglas (and enforce this ban) and replace the roundabout at Tesco with traffic lights. You’d be surprised how much difference it could make.

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