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News around town is that Joe O’Donavan is about to lodge for permission to build a feature building at Wilton Centre. It will be 12 stories high with some retail linking to the existing centre but mostly made up of apartments. Now Jerry “Cllr Buttimer” and the rest of his anti high rise can really get their knickers in a twist, and let the games begin.Hope for Wilton and Bishopstown this get approval.

😮 Jerry “CSD supporter” Buttimer after 5 Minutes in city council and still wet behind the ears now proposes that Cork City Council withdraw the 10 million funding for Green Bus routes in the city as they do not work. This according to the councilor willing to jump on any 3 wheeled bandwagon to get his name in the papers, plus
all this guff from a councilor that cribbed to the City Manager on 25th April 2005 about the temporary closure of the No.8 Green Route outside the CUH to allow for the realignment of a kerb for safety reasons.
We really do get a “special” type of local representative here in Cork? :rolleyes:

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