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You mean, would I spend money on public transport where the vast majority of the public actually live?

Funnily enough, yes I would.

In any case, the NRR would benefit the southside a lot more than the northside, given that its main function would be to take non local traffic off the South Link and route it around the north of the city, freeing up the commuter hell that is the South Link. The biggest benficiary on the north side would be, as jungle pointed out, in reducing the traffic that clogs up the Ballyvolane area. The CASP makes very clear the intention to develop new population centres along the railway line to the north of the city, in time, those (in the Monard/Rathpeacon/Blarney area) will necessitate new road infrastructure on the scale of the NRR, but in the interim, I’d prefer to see those new developments grow around the railway first, while at the same time addressing the public transport problems in the city centre..

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