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A sad day. Had a lot of good nights down there. Drove past there a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe that the place was shut down.

I can’t imagine the place doing bad business considering its location beside UCC. Surely this property would have been better held as a bar. A real pity considering the large beer garden they had out the back.

Interesting blog:

“The Western Star” is no more
Posted on Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 09:45PM by Fergus O’Rourke in Cork | Post a Comment
I was astonished to learn today that Starrys has closed down permanently. It was only graced by my custom on about half-a dozen occasions, at least three of them long after my student days were over, but there must be tens of thousands of former students of UCC with a much greater and more intimate knowledge of the place.

For generations of students, it was the main “watering-hole” and, for many , the place where they were introduced to many modern vices (as well as some ancient ones).

I believe that it was on one of my own rare visits that I had my Clinton moment; I wonder whether, if I had inhaled, my life would have turned out any better.

This closure now means that once you leave the bar in Jurys Hotel on the Western Road, travelling westwards you will not meet another public house until Ballincollig Village without diverting off the road. Striking in itself, this is even more so when one realises the staggering increase in student accommodation in the Victoria Cross area, and the fact that the Dennehys Cross pub is also gone, I am told.

This is interesting from a sociological point of view, and also in terms of the markets for alcohol and property.

It is also interesting to reflect that between Jurys and Ballincollig, there is now just one petrol filling station, where up to fairly recently (say 5 years ago or so), there were 4.

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