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Barry O’Connor and Robert Kennedy’s plans to redevelop the Crows Nest public house site have encountered a further delay following ABP’s request for additional information to be submitted before 24th April

ABP considered that the ten storey over ground floor element of the proposed development might, by reason of its height and scale and location in prominent and important views from the east, detract from and obstruct views of County Hall (a protected structure) and might, therefore, seriously injure the amenities of the area and be contrary to the objectives of the Cork City Development Plan 2004.
Furthermore, the Board considered that the development of this important corner site at a height of six storeys over ground floor level as permitted by the planning authority as modified by Condition 2(a) is acceptable but that it is not appropriate that such modification be carried out by condition as the resultant truncated building form might fail to provide a building of sufficient design quality as is necessary for the redevelopment of the site
ABP also feel that it is not necessary that a greater height of building than that permitted is required to provide a landmark building on this pivotal and important site in the redevelopment of this part of Cork city.
ABP considered that a modified proposal is required which results in a building of high quality and individual design and provides a landmark at this important site at Victoria Cross in the interest of the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.
In considering a redesign of the proposed development the Board also drew attention to the following concerns regarding the original proposal i.e the residential amenity of future residents of the proposed apartments due to the number of single aspect north facing units and to the residential amenity of existing adjoining residents and of future residents due to the proximity of the delivery and service yard.

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