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@kesey wrote:

I must protest kite. When you are talking about dog shite, then why euphemise the term, unless perhaps you were indicating that it would be disrespectful to the canine whose droppings ameliorated the architectural vista of the Opera House as was? The pre-renovated Opera House was dog shite. The codswollop at Victoria Cross on the other hand is elephant shite, perhaps more accurately dino-shite.

Kesey, no argument from me on the Victoria Mills….CCC really gave groups such as CSD a stick to beat them with for years to come by giving planning on that pile of CRAP.:o

:rolleyes: I think Joe O’Donovan has enough on his plate at the moment with the Roches Stores Wilton debacle to worry about any Grand Parade / Patrick Street development after Howard Holdings jumped ship and left him take the flack for the loss of 172 jobs.
If the identity of his backers becomes public knowledge the shite will really hit the fan!!

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