Re: Re: Developments in Cork


i agree with your last point in particular. however, i think the challenge on this site involves more than just a symettrical and sympathetic response in order to produce a sensitive reaction to grand parade and a ‘pleasing’ terminus to washington street. the context is far removed from a typical georgian setting, and there is little in the way of uniformity and classical street layouts here. grand parade is more of a space than a street. the buildings that line it are diverse in form and character. the terminus from washington street does not centre on the site – i.e. the existing building is actually ‘off’ when viewed from washington street. i think symmetry is not particularly effective in this case as a conceptual approach. a strong visual statement at the terminus of the view from wash. st. should have been the priority. this would have added another interesting insertion into a streetscape that is characterised by varied, interesting and diverse building forms.

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