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In the long term, the plan is to pedestrianise the section between the traffic lights by Barry’s and the former Garda station (now Lal Quila restaurant). It’s only a small stretch, but it would ensure that the old village centre isn’t used by through traffic. That would vastly reduce the amount of traffic using what is now the right hand turn on the new road layout. In the meantime, the new road across the old shopping centre car park should mean that very few people want to use Church St to get from Douglas East to Douglas West, further reducing the reasons for going into the village centre,

But the plan has two problems. One is that it’s going to increase the traffic going through Douglas Court roundabout (and that’s quite a problem anyway) and the other is that the pedestrianisation isn’t being done at the same time. So, the likely effect will be to encourage people to still go through the village, leading to snarl ups at that right hand turn.

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