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@Radioactiveman wrote:

I presume they are taking the pi*s with this one:
The Board of Trustees, Honan Chapel, U.C.C
For the installation of a set of glazed double swing double doors, with glazed fanlight above, in the existing front (west) entrance portico, with the retention of the existing oak doors
Honan Chapel,, University College Cork,, Cork

And the point is??
The real worry here is the devastating effect this nonsense will have on the intricate mosaic flooring. The image below shows the scene just inside the door. Is this were the double glazing is going to be installed???

Radioactiveman was first off the mark as usual, now the Georgian Society has objected to proposals to install glass doors in the Honan Chapel, and the CSD group has asked that the city Heritage Officer keeps a watching brief on the planning application.

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