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Innovation ?
As the Port of Cork Bonded Warehouses slowly decay the cobblestone yards in this prime double waterfront location in the heart of Cork City are used as a……………… park.

its just how to separate the rowing area from the ferry or can one work alongside the other. It involves someone making a decision. Which is difficult it seems. Cue Bord Pleanala.

the docklands forum people have already been to Bremen and Hamburg to see what they did for the docklands and from a recent trip, my eyes were also opened to Oslo (fabulous newish docklands area called Akker Brygge) and Copenhagen, which has been making use of its waterfront for a while by the looks of it, their Opera House is brilliant looking.

The trip also reinforced what a shambles the public transport is in this country, trains from Norway to Sweden to Denmark, all booked from my house on the net, reserved seats, went on time, train staff had perfect English, made sure all the passengers knew where and when to change, lockers in the station to leave your bags for something like 4 or 5 euro, loads of little shops and restaurants in the train stations and trams everywhere in the cities – amazing

Just reinforces the point that Cork is miles and years behind and far too dependent on Dublin funding. I will summon every ounce of positivity I have and say at least they are doing something about it now though.

And yes, I agree with yourself and the brilliantly named Green Jesus that to sit outside the bonded warehouses, just like loads of other cities in Europe, would be pretty cool.

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