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@the hawk wrote:

Fair comment, but the projects listed above were concieved in the heyday of the property market when interest rates were low and the banks were rolling out the red carpets.I agree that we are fortunate to have the momentum of those projects behind the city,but I hope that encouragement stems from government by way of incentives and support to avoid any further inertia in the docklands,and those who are brave enough to proceed with development are assisted .

Well, the Atlantic Quarter, Port Quarter and government building proposals were certainly put forward after the property market went belly up.

The Academy St., Dunnes Stores and – to a lesser extent – the Cornmarket centre hadn’t really started when the market crumbled; though the investment was probably such that it made more sense to continue rather than back out at that point.

We are lucky to have some new quality developments coming online at a time when optimism, buyers and credit are drying up!

Though, the little evil voice in my head has been praying that a few developments could go “to the wall” without me losing any sleep. Such as the Crosses Green hotel – now business centre. I even thought if the Half Moon St. development didn’t go ahead, it opens up some nice views up to Shandon and the North Cathedral. Would make a great park! :p (and no, that wasn’t a serious hope!)

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