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@Pug wrote:

can we give over on comparing J Gavin to HItler in 1933? between that now and another councillor calling him Napolean, by the time the 2008/9 boundary extension happens we will have run out of historical figures.

Lets stick to what you all think of the boundary extension. Its been due for years and media reports seem that the city council are being very high handed about it so instead of bringing in an arbitrator and agreeing some sort of compo figure for the county council, this will drag on for ages, the councillors will end up doing less than they already do anyway and its to our own detriment in that the eyes will be taken off things like the shambles that is the electoral register (i was deleted from it even though i sent back the councils own form about registering a change of address) and poor transport in cork, the delay in kent station, the delay in the docklands etc etc

Praxiteles never mentioned the H word!

It is just as effective to convey what one thinks of the boundary extension between the lines !

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