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It’s clearly about rates.

The county council must be taking a huge amount of cash out of the businesses which are effectively in the city but are designated as county council areas.

There’s a very unfair scenario where by the city centre is increasingly competiting with suburban shopping malls which are paying rates to the county council.

The city council also provides a disproportionately high amount of social housing and other services that simply are not provided by the county council on anything like the same scale.

Those suburban areas really do need to be merged into the city for it to make any sense from an economic perspective.

It’s grossly unfair to simply “hive off” the edges of the city, which are fairly wealthy, and leave the city itself as a small, sparcely populated centre and a large council estates.

Increasing Cork City’s population will also see it being taken far more seriously at national level. You’d be supprised at how many people just read the official population statistics and assume it’s tiny.

It would also allow for better real urban planning / infrastructural development. As it stands the city /county divide isn’t really helping things much.

A strong city council is far better able to deal with urban issues that impact upon all of those areas than a big amorphous county council.

If anything, it should increase accountability .

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