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🙂 City Manager, Joe Gavin will present his draft plan for a City Boundary Extension to councillors at the CCC meeting Monday 13th Nov.

is douglas specifically mentioned at all? its not in the city at the moment

Apologies for not posting the full text of Mr. Gavin&#8217]Douglas/Donnybrook/Grange and Rochestown ,[/B]Passage and Monkstown.

Note that all this land will not be made available for development and significant peripheral areas can be used as buffer between the expanded City and the Satellite Towns in the County.
The exact boundary lines were selected based on physical entities (eg roads and rivers) which can be easily identified on the ground. The boundary does not coincide with the majority of the rural DED boundaries for this reason but which would be have been useful from a data reporting point of view. The DEDs were severed in many instances to avoid including excessive areas within the new boundary. The boundary as proposed represents the most practical and “best fit” solution between the large Metropolitan Cork area (including the satellite towns) and a minimalist extension which may result in the need for a further extension at some time again in the future – which is not desirable or logical. It will be sufficient to facilitate the orderly and managed development and operation of the City as it expands in the future decades.

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