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Iv noticed people seem to have lost interest in the Cork threads which is a pity but for those who remain the city library site on the grand parade has been handed back to the city council as frinnalla have come into difficulties, which is a shame cause it would of been a really nice project to see getting off the ground to finish off the revamped grand parade along with the capitol cinema site and the murreys site next door (which was recently turned down by ABP!). Jo Gavin has said he sees the library site staying the way it is for the forseeable future but you would think developers who still have a working relationship with the banks such as OCP or maybe John Clearys first city centre site to be lining up for this one as its a prime site with massive potential backing onto the beamish & crawford site which heinekan have said they are going to develope as a tourist attraction. The beamish site for me is one of the most important in Cork in that I think there is great potential for a part tourist part commercial project with maybe a food and drinks hall to showcase what is meant to be Irelands culinery centre showcasing the local restaurants and locally produced food and drink like the lagers you would find in the fransicin well on the north mall aswell as a museam for beamishs and maybe a one stop shop tourist centre that could promote Cork and what it has to offer as most tourists just get off the plane or boat and head for kerry or up to the guiness storehouse. Its perfect, you could have a rooftop bar with people sampleing the local food and drink overlooking the city centre with views of St Finbarrs across the way aswell as Shandon etc. Just on something I mentioned earlier with regard to the murrey site on the grand parade, who else really gets sick of this ABP crowd? This to me seemed to be a sustainable development that was keeping with its surroundings and they still refused it when we should be pathing people on the back for trying to create employment in the times we are in and not only that but its just going to sit there vacent now I suppose for at least another year really making the main street in the city looking shabby and forgotten!

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