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A quick & small update:

– Beasley St. (the street that runs from Oliver Plunkett St. to the South Mall, parallel to Parnell Place) is currently being cobbled. It’s still in progress, but it looks like they’re doing a really nice job on it! I’m really wondering why though? It very, very infrequently used by vehicles or pedestrians. Does it indicate the quirky hotel development on that street is going to (finally) open? Would be great new too for the Lituanica store down that lane.

– The Cornmarket St. / Coal Quay development is progressing nicely; they’ve currently dug up as far as O’Brien’s cafe on Daunt’s Square. (Excellent news, given the previous condition of the road there).

– And a question: I’m sure this has been raised many times before, but has there ever been a concerted effort to promote the Shandon/Firkin Crane/Butter Museum area? It seems to me it’s an underdeveloped and virtually unknown gem; right in the city centre.

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