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I think you’re having a ‘chicken-and-egg’ debate here. Good planning is not predicated on having all the infrastructure in place before development, but it does depend on having at least the skeleton of the infrastructure in place and in making developers conform (by and large) to an agreed planning scheme.The infrastructure can go in incrementally and organically, but where it is supposed to go and on the timetable agreed. The problems of traffic congestion in (e.g.) Carrigaline may have more to do with the lack of something as simple as bus provision rather than some sophisticated roads network (if everyone wants to drive their car to work, they have to live with the consequences).
As far as ‘ghost estates’ are concerned, has the number of units been quantified? I doubt if it’s anything more than a very small proportion of the total housing stock. Looks to me like a solution (in part) to social housing needs just waiting to happen.

i think you are right to some extent, it is a chicken and egg debate. I dont think anyone would say all the infrastructure should be in place before an estate or houses go in, but you are dead right, it should go in organically and incrementally. Either way, the country has been failed in terms of that infrastructure as the planning wasnt done to go along with those estates.

As for carrigaline and the traffic, i disagree fundamentally with you on that one, we are back to the chicken and egg situation i believe as a) all the people use their cars because there ISNT an adequate bus service, in 2002 Carrigaline was recognised by the CSO as the most car dependent town in the country. Its 2010. Nothing much has changed. B) The reason people use the cars is they cant rely on the bus as it would simply sit at a standstill in traffic because of an inadequate road network, which has, no bus lane.

The n28 from carrigaline to cork new route has even been decided, its on the NRA website, even looks as if it makes sense but no money is forthcoming to build it.

As for unused houses to be used for Part V, i dont understand why this option hasnt been taken long long ago. The less well off are crying out for accomodation and there is a stack of empty houses around the country. Go figure. The minister for housing is probably on holidays with noel dempsey.

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