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just wondering if the canopy element of the cornmarket st redevelopment is to be left out is there going to be anything at all for the market in the project.what is it in cork when theres something good proposed for the city theres always someone who will complain about something.also said planning was approved for the murreyford proposal for the quay, was that not pulled out of by the developers.also anyone know why none of the units in the shopping centre have been taken up apart from tk maxx, dont see this happening anywhere else and just wondering does anyone know how come it happens so frequently in cork?just three last requests-anyone know whats happening on the library site, the sullivans quay site (rev office) on the cap cinema site?sorry two more just came to mind, o callaghans proposal for andersons quay and the extension to mahon point now that opera lane is fin,is he still proceeding with that in the current climate?

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