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I’m trying to get information on the apparent disappearance of two former gabled houses at 9 & 10 Morrison’s Quay. Google earth shows the site cleared and in use as surface car park.

Planning Reg. no. 0125332 (18 June 2001) sought the demolition of these two houses for an extension to Moore’s Hotel, but the on-line file seems to end there with a request for additional information that appears not to have been supplied. There doesn’t seem to be a subsequent planning application, unless I’m just missing it.

I’d like to know how the demolition of these house was to be justified and how it appears to have been allowed without planning permission.

The planning documents don’t appear to be available on-line, just an outline of the application.

Can anyone throw any light on this?

There’s a good picture of the houses in ”Uniquely Cork”, by Niall Foley published in 1991, I’ll sneak a copy when I get a chance.

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