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@dave123 wrote:

City and suburbs of both.
Limerick city is growing as fast as the other regions. The city of Limerick is going through some great rejuivention right now. Its now taking its place to be one of the most attractive feel good cities in Ireland. Something it was never judged as.

So how come property prices are so much lower than Cork and Galway?
So you are saying that Dell pulling out will have no impact on Limerick? So the major employer in the region pulls out, a decision that has an impact on a huge range of support services across the wider region leaves the area and things keep going as before. The area must be remarkable.

I’m old enough to remember the loss of Fords and Dunlops (showing my age) in Cork with the loss of 1,600 jobs and the devestation that followed for the city, yet you believe Limerick will not suffer the loss of approximately 4,000 jobs. There must be another major employer ready to move in then?

Even Dublin, our major economic hub is suffering from what is now a depression. Can you please inform us why Limerick is different so we can bottle it and use it on the other regions?

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