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Well the fact is that the 45 minutes is used to indicate the population which is within daily commute of the city.

starchaser your argument is ridiculous as limerick and cork are the major centers which trade is drawn too in the regions. please we are working off the norms ‘flying ???’


and 45 minutes from mallow or fermoy or castletroy, does that mean that these towns have populations in excess of 300,000? 45 minutes by plane from dublin – does that make the dublin region 4 or 5 million? 45 minutes from London – by car maybe 20 million, by train maybe 30 million, by plane- maybe 90 million. what kind of an argument is that?

Cliff Barnes using the cso does not work either as there is no figures their for the greater cork area and the greater limerick area.

The 45 minute radius would take the best sample of the population of the city and the commuting population hence why it’s used by the government for spatial planning. and it’s not beyond reason that people in overlapping areas of north cok commute to limerick for work/shopping or actually to cork.

Look up page 22 in this spatial strategy for commuting trends picked up from the 2002 census

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