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Oooh pain in my head.

here are the facts as no one is supplying any citation. here is a government document stating the population of:

Cork city + suburbs 186 239
Limerick + suburbs 86 998

And within 45 Minute travel catchment

Cork city + suburbs 337 917
Limerick + suburbs 326 279

It also states that the Cork Metropolitan Area has a population of 252,000

So you see that cork is just over twice the size of limerick. limerick is not that far behind cork once an area of 45 minutes drive is taken into account.

The fact is that dublin has a much bigger built up area than cork.
The fact is that cork has a must bigger built up area than limerick + galway + waterford.

page 17

Several conclusions may be drawn from the above data.
Looking at Table 2.1, the large size of Dublin compared to the other existing gateways is immediately evident. The population of Cork, the second largest city in the Republic, as defined by the CSO (both city council and contiguous urban areas) is 19% of the corresponding population for Dublin, highlighting a wide gap in the population
ranking of Ireland’s two largest cities.

The other three gateways of Limerick, Galway and Waterford are also considerably smaller than Dublin, but also in a lower size-band to Cork. Cork, in fact, is equal in population to the other three gateways combined. These discrepancies in size have fundamental implications for gateway policies in Ireland.

With such differences in size, the competitive strengths are not equal and it is therefore extremely unlikely that individual gateways, apart from Cork, will be able to produce a substantial momentum, complementary to Dublin, on their own.

And to finish it off the growth direction of cork and limerick

page 56

In Cork, the outward expansion of the city’s influence can be seen both to the east and the west along the coast, with an extended development zone now stretching from near Youghal on the east, almost reaching Clonakilty on the west. In addition, strong expansion to the north is clear with significant fingers of population growth in that
Indeed, a pattern of continuous development between Cork and Mallow seems to be emerging. The Cork gateway is therefore extending both towards Limerick (via the Mallow hub) and to East Cork towards Waterford

Limerick, Ennis and Shannon display considerable outward growth as a single population zone, with the most intensive increases north of Limerick City into County Clare. Fingers of population growth also extend south to Limerick county and north of Limerick around Lough Derg. Ennis is evident as a point of strong growth, with considerable spillovers into west Clare and also north towards the Galway county boundary

Now i hope this settles this or will i be forced to do more research:p:D

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