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@rob mc wrote:

Firstly,he never said that limerick didn’t spill into other councils he said that it’s spilt into other counties which is why Limerick never gets recognised for its true population.

Secondly,neither of you seem to understand the term “perspective”. Limerick’s population IS growing at a faster rate than cork,but the population of cork is growing more than limerick. For example, lets say Limerick city is growing by 12% per annum and Cork city grows by only 10% per annum, since Cork already has a greater population, 10% of its population is greater than a 12% rise in Limericks. So in a way both of you are actually right.

You made the point, clearly you made it. this was all I wanted to clear up with him. Some people from Cork do have an over tendancy to exaggerate about the city….

How it has 300,000:rolleyes: 3/4 quarter of the county, yet its still the greater cork:D

Greater Dublin doesn’t take in all of North Dublin….It takes the suburbs that’s sprawls intot the borders Kildare, Meath and North Wicklow.

The bullshit is all that annoys me about this rant from Mickydoc’s. He’s been corrected a few times by a few people on the true figures for the cities. Like Cork having 189,000 in the census. He would state 200.000. Limerick almost 91,000 he would state 90,000. If your gonna post facts, post’s the facts and not the bullshit.:)

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