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@mickeydocs wrote:

You are in denial in that you believe Limerick is unique. All of the cities of Ireland have considerable population that spills into other councils. All of these areas have experienced double digit growth, and some areas around Dublin it could be claimed have experienced treble digit growth (South Louth as an example).

Forget the medieval county concept, we govern locally according to councils. Councils get their funding based on populations. Most councils are unwilling to have their boundaries reduced if it means losing out on their annual budget. Our demographics have been changing alot faster than our local government structures. Reform is needed at a national level and not just at a local leve. Cork is pushing for this every bit as much as Limerick.

However, I really don’t understand why you are so determined in your claims that Limerick is growing faster than Cork when the CSO figures (which include Clare, Tipperary, and other regions – just check the data) show that the greater Cork area is actually growing at a faster rate.

Firstly,he never said that limerick didn’t spill into other councils he said that it’s spilt into other counties which is why Limerick never gets recognised for its true population.

Secondly,neither of you seem to understand the term “perspective”. Limerick’s population IS growing at a faster rate than cork,but the population of cork is growing more than limerick. For example, lets say Limerick city is growing by 12% per annum and Cork city grows by only 10% per annum, since Cork already has a greater population, 10% of its population is greater than a 12% rise in Limericks. So in a way both of you are actually right.

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