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I’m convinced you are on drugs as you exist in a parallel universe. The census is not arbitrary. The growth rates for the ‘greater’ areas of Limerick that spill into other counties is below 10%. The suburban area of Cork is growing at 12%, only greater Dublin grows faster than this.
Cork is not an area in decline, it is an area with a very quickly changing demographic, moving from city core to a greater metropolitan hub. The greater area is in excess of 300,000, and the radius is never greater than 20 miles. What is the radius for greater Limerick?

City and suburbs of both.

Limerick grew faster of the two. in this census, and the census before that. The reason why Limerick didnt grow as fast as county Cork is because Limerick metropolitician agglomeration spreads into three counties.

Nenagh and Ennis had growth rates of nearly 15%. But I’m not arguing your points. I just want to make sure your aware of the facts. And that Limericks population is incredibly undermined. Its even used for such sling shots on these threads. For example most people sprout Galway is bigger than Limerick. When the official boundary divisions are inaccurate and flawed to determine population stats when the boundaries have changed little in 3/4generations.

Limerick city is growing as fast as the other regions. The city of Limerick is going through some great rejuivention right now. Its now taking its place to be one of the most attractive feel good cities in Ireland. Something it was never judged as. Regardless of the census result’s both cities have really outdated boundaries and need to be widened asap.

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