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@mickeydocs wrote:
Dave, according to this Limerick city declined 2.7% and Cork city by 3%, so I’m not sure where you are getting teh ‘growing faster than’ information. The population of County Limerick has seen significant growth of 8.4% but this is well behind the 11% growth in County Cork (main growth area is great Cork). These are figures from the CSO, but maybe you’ll argue that there was a rugby game on that day (of course Munster fans only come from Limerick).

Limerick city has grown faster than cork, which includes city and suburbs of both cities. In both this census and last census. There is still much inaccuracy in the Limerick results since thousands left the city that very day for the Munster match imo.

Btw Limerick metropolitician population actually contributes the burgeoning growth of North Cork, since Charelville is on the border and is now dorimotory town to Limerick city. look at the amount of limerick developers have built around the town… Limerick agglomeration is also responsible for Making North Tipp growing by 8.7% almost 6percent more than the previous census. Limerick is severely underbouded in so many aspects.

The two cities are incomparable size wise and population wise. Cork plus suburbs is approximately 200k, Limerick plus suburbs 90k. Greater Cork is over 300k, Greater Limerick 125k. This may not be three times the population, but not too far away from three times.

If your going to quote figures, can you actually stick to the facts and not bullshit me please.

Cork is 190,000 and LImerick is 91,000. Not Limerick 90,000 and Cork 200,000. See I’m giving a balanced view even though im backing up Limerick. Whereas you are blowing up artificial figures off your head. Greater Limerick is actually 213,000. Cork is 250,000..:rolleyes:

Ennis has a population of 30,000…. and planned population of 70,000 like Drogheha and is one of the fastest growing towns in this country. and is only 20miles from Limerick.

Nenagh has a population of 7,500, and has one of the fastest growth rate in the country. Limerick is has a growth rate of 8.4 percent slightly lower than Corks, because Limerick’s agglomeration is spilling into three counties….. Thats the difference.

The interpretation of aesthetics is subjective. Limerick doesn’t have an equivalent of the South Mall or Grand Parade, and Patrick Street is what O’Connell Street would like to be.

Cork doesn’t have a grid street network and a old medievel english town network does it? O’Connell street doesnt need to Model Cork, it has always been the agenda to improve this street but its going ahead when the City ring road is completed.

However before descending any further into tribalism shall I just point out that my family are originally from Adare in Co. Limerick so we have a certain amount of respect for that County…

Well I’m not from Limerick but I’m not here to champion Limerick, just want to straighten out your facts and make them appear less tribal.

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