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@mickeydocs wrote:
Dave, according to this Limerick city declined 2.7% and Cork city by 3%, so I’m not sure where you are getting teh ‘growing faster than’ information. The population of County Limerick has seen significant growth of 8.4% but this is well behind the 11% growth in County Cork (main growth area is great Cork). These are figures from the CSO, but maybe you’ll argue that there was a rugby game on that day (of course Munster fans only come from Limerick).

The two cities are incomparable size wise and population wise. Cork plus suburbs is approximately 200k, Limerick plus suburbs 90k. Greater Cork is over 300k, Greater Limerick 125k. This may not be three times the population, but not too far away from three times.

The interpretation of aesthetics is subjective. Limerick doesn’t have an equivalent of the South Mall or Grand Parade, and Patrick Street is what O’Connell Street would like to be.

However before descending any further into tribalism shall I just point out that my family are originally from Adare in Co. Limerick so we have a certain amount of respect for that County…

Ok, I suppose it’s a matter of opinion which city is ‘nicer’. But I will have to challenge you on your assertions about Cork’s population. What the f*** is “Greater Cork” if you don’t mind me asking? According to the Wikipedia article about it, undoubtedly written by some drunken Corkman the same night he pulled it out of his arse, it includes Youghal? Lol. Youghal!!! And Mallow!!!! Parts of Cork city? In that case, we’ll include Ennis and Nenagh and Tipperary and Newcastle West as parts of Limerick city will we? Even including Midleton as part of Cork City is ridiculous. If you’re going to do that you’ll have to revise your figures for Limerick’s population including everything out to Shannon airport and everything as far as Rathkeale. And 20km into Tipperary as well. In fact, the city of Cork is about 190,000 and Limerick is about 91,000. That means it’s a little over twice the size. So stop compensating for your other shortcomings.

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