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@mickeydocs wrote:

How many pedestrian streets do you want (Paul Street, Princes Street, Winthrop St. Oliver Plunket St. (partial), etc.)? Cork led the way in relation to this almost 30 years ago.

Trying to ignore the Cork v Limerick fight, I’ll run back to this comment.

To my mind pedestrianised streets are not entirely good things. They have a tendency to become deserted and unused after dark.

But what I would like to see is more areas like Oliver Plunkett St, which is pedestrianised during shopping hours, but then opened up to cars outside them. I’d also like to see private cars off Pana.

There are certainly some candidate streets for pedestrianisation or at least partial pedestrianisation – Castle St, Liberty St, Cross St, Hanover St, Drawbridge St.

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