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Cheers rumpel… you are a wum.
No one in Cork talks about supremacy. We acknowledge that our town is a mid size provincial town that would at best be a suburb of London or Paris.

Our main thoroughfare is certainly not inelegant – try taking a look at some of the buildings. The South Mall is by far the nicest business street in the country.

The beauty of Cork for me is that it is a small town – but at almost three times the population of Limerick, a much bigger small town than Limerick. Cork is full of historical attractions, but of course you’d have to park your willingness to knock everything that Cork is before being able to take an objective look at my town.

Mickey docks rather then been totally defensive, there are pros and cons going for both cities, though Limerick city centre is very impressive now considering it was one of the most run down cities in the country at one time.

Cork maybe a bigger town, doesnt give a whole lot more merit just for the size argument. The City of limerick is fairly large and simalar size of Corks. Thats when you combine Englishtown, Iriishtown, georgian quarter and the Riverfront. Limerick half the size of cork and the metropolitian area of Cork is bigger, so what. We are really talking about the architecture and cities image here. Limerick’s population growth is growing faster than Cork in most of the previous censuses

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