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@mickeydocs wrote:

There must be another Limerick other than the one on the Shannon does not in any way look more like a city than Cork.

Paris conforms to a snail rather than a grid, does this mean it is also less of a city than Limerick?

Well just because being built on a grid pattern contributes to a sense of being city-like, it doesn’t mean that not being built on a grid pattern implies a place is not city-like. I know Cork people love to harp on about how they can challenge Dublin for supremacy. But, in reality, Cork has one really inelegant main street and a bunch of tiny streets coming off it. And the little stream running through it contributes to the sense of being in a smallish town. It reminds me of some place like Athlone or Tralee. Limerick is built on a very wide river and has wider streets. It may be an illusion, but my impression is of a bigger place. It’s also got a lot more going for it in terms of historical attractions and potential. In short, Limerick is by any standards infinitely superior to Cork and the real second city of Ireland.

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