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Just recently visiting limerick for the first time and was shocked at how much more developed the city centre is too compared to cork. Some nice new buildings and pedestrianised streets with a lot of good offerings in shopping and food. Im not really sure what it is but if i had to say it must have something to do with the planning authorities and whose at the healm. I think theres to many small minded people in the planning department in cork who are doing the city no good. like for instance they say they want to encourage more people to live in the city centre so as to make it vibrant and to help elleveate urban sprawl so why then any time there is any high rise development do they always drastically cut it. Its also baffeling why they are putting a cap on buildings in the docklands to something like 7 storeys when there is an opportunity to have an immpresive waterfront to rival anything in Europe. Another shocking example is the cap cinema site, the new version of the plans that were given the go ahead are small and dingy and shows you the idea these people have for the city. Why are they so afraid of big developments if they want Cork to be a rival to Dublin or any other city in the country and if like they are always saying, they want to promote Cork as a short break tourist destination. Another reason these people got on my nerves recently was there objection to the commuter ferry which can be of only a benefit to the city as a public transport and tourist point of view. Which is after making me think of something else as it could be a stop off of the ferry, if they would get off there holes and push spike as a tourist attraction which could attract thousands of visitors a year and would give Cork a world class tourist attraction which is another thing to stop tourists fleeing to kerry and to encorage them to stay in the city aswell as beamish and crawford which i think should be partly developed commercially as it is a big enough site to cater for a tourist attraction and what i think would be a good idea is maybe is a food hall as Cork is ragarded as the gourmet capital of Ireland with maybe a few niche shops and maybe one or two pub/restaurants serving locally produced beers such as kinsale etc. Another massive blow to the city aswell is the failure of these people to get the redevelopment of cornmaket st pushed through when there was money there, another huge blow to the city from a tourist point of view. Nearly forgot to mention there refusal aswell for plans for a waterpark near pairc ui caoimh, i honestly cant understand these people they are constanly contradicting themselves. This also could of been a massive boost to the city for Cork children themeselves but would of been a good attraction for tourists aswell as attracting hundreds of school tours etc to the city. Just wondering does anyone else know why Limerick or anywhere else for that matter is so much more developed and why Cork is lacking in shopping and food offerings so badly in the city centre and why Cork has trouble attracting retailers and units are left vacent for so long such as any street in the city centre or evan the new cornmarket st centre? Sorry rant over! Just wondering as well do does anyone know who bought the site across from Mahon Retail Park or what’s happing with the murrayford site by cornmarket st or the library site

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