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remember now, this is from the government that is single handedly holding up the north Docklands by reneging on its promise to provide 21m to redevelop the barn that is Kent station, instead it got a lick of paint

1200 houses and apartments have been approved by Bord Pleanala for Blarney, cant remember the developer, there was 3 phases asked for and the last 2 were refused. I was surprised Bord Pleanala gave the nod for the land but they put in conditions like, a) only enough houses to be built now that the existing sewage infrastructure can take b) no other houses to be built until the the new waste treatment plant is built by Cork Co Council, c) no houses to be built until railway station is complete.

On a different matter, Lord knows they deserve all the slagging they get for some of the planning decisions they make and schemes that they half administer on a random basis (affordable housing prices now being more expensive than buying a house yourself), but credit where its due, i came down the grand parade on the library side today towards the tax office, that new boardwalk makes a great difference to the street, very open and bright, fair play

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