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@Pug wrote:

so how do you value open space? and if it can be shown that the decision to ensure open space is not redeveloped was only prompted by this decision, i.e. relates to open space in Cork in the future, then there would be no compo.

I suppose it comes down to whether it was decided to refuse based on the ground being open space, or whether the refusal was because the change in plan against the development of open space was in relation to this site

Public open space would have a close to zero commercial value. The land was zoned as residential in the original development plan, and the variation proported to alter the zoning to Public open space use.The zoned use should in theory “trump” existing use., and if the land is indeed privately owned as claimed, then there must be constitutional issues arising from the assertion that the land is being designated for public use without compensation to the owner.

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